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NEW:Now we provide you with an own website dedicated to our smart vision system Caminax. See more at www.caminax.com

Due to the success of CAMAT we extended it in a large sense and ported it on even more powerful cameras. Caminax® is it's successor.

We offer two performance classes , having 1200 or 3200 MIPS. The image resolutions are 640 x 480 pixel and 1024 x 768. A color camera is available, too.

Complex evaluations can be performed now with about 10 measurements per second (full picture size).

Furthermore, you can change programs, paramters and tolerances online now, without stopping the camera. Caminax® stores about 100 of such programs.

The GUI of Caminax features an enhanced functionality: different modules and currently edited objects are highlighted with colors. You can define and manage up to 150 regions of interest (ROI) within each module. Caminax® displays the results in green, red and yellow.

Caminax® features a serial or an ethernet interface and a 24V DC power supply for integration in your plant environment. Programs can be started both serial and digital. Combinating the three free setable I/Os Caminax supports up to eight types of results. One digital I/O is set aside for the ready/busy -signals.

For more information concerning Caminax® please download the datasheet or contact us.



  • Camera types with 1200, or 3200 MIPS
  • Up to 100 programs storable
  • Programs, parameters and tolerances can be edited online - no camera stop required
  • Ethernet or serial interface
  • 24V DC
  • 8 types of results supported
  • Results displayed with three different colors
  • Currently edited objects are highlighted
  • Details/Datasheet
  • Brief Operation Guide