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As well as the Caminax the PICTOR is a high performance smart camera that controls the production process robust, fast and reliable.

PICTOR is used as a stand alone or as a more camera based system (VICOSYS).

In difference to the CAMAT the PICTOR is calibrated and parameterized with the easy to use PC-Interface VCWin. Thus, a PC is needed this for. The numerical results of the extensive measurement- and test modules are sent to the production environment via RS232 or Ethernet.

Whether on the arm of a robot or at a fixed stand: PICTOR performs even under less optimal conditions. This robustness made the PICTOR a very popular vision system used all over the world to control the critical production processes.

The technical details can be found in the following data sheets:




  • Internal image analysis
  • Fast measurement, testing and communication
  • Stand-alone or more-camera-systems
  • Control of production process via communication with PLC
  • Variety of applications
  • 4 digital I/Os
  • 1 serial port or Eathernet instead
  • Profibus as an option
  • Teach-in with VCWin