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    ColorLine – Control of color codes for tire industry


During the production of car tires the fresh extruded rubber gets marked with colorstrips upside due to product controls.

ColorLine's task is to measure the position of these stripes and to detect their color. Up to eight stripes, each of being painted in one of seven colors, can be on such a tire. With a belt conveyor speed of 0,7 m/s ColorLine performs every 100 mm a measurement on a tire width of 350 mm.

ColorLine processes the results to the central computers immediatly. These compare the results with the type of tire that is set. If necessary a correction of colors and position can be made.

Teach-in of ColorLine is a nonrecurring issue done with the patterns available on the spot.



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 System features:

  • Measurement of color and position
  • Wide range of colors, e.g.:
    yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple and white
  • Serial interface
  • Connection to PLC via computer
  • Robust design – high-grade steel




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