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    GlassTube – Inspection System for Glass Tubes


Glass tubes are widely used on the production of illuminants. Whatever the final product is - a fluorescent, halogen or xenon lamp – the glass tubes used need to be faultless. This means:

  • Inclusions of air or other contaminants in the glass are not allowed
  • Neither dust nor dirt from the glass cutting are accepted on the surface.
  • Products with scratches on the glass surface have to be sorted out.
  • The glass edges have to be free of damage. Chipped glass or cracks are not allowed.

The FiberVision glass tube inspection system checks all these defect criteria simultaneously.
FiberVision built the glass tube inspection system for certain tubes with fixed length and diameter. The sensitivity of the inspection system for defects within or on the glass has been adapted to individual customer needs. The inspection of one product takes about two seconds due to the time necessary for mechanical handling. The inspection rate of 1800 products per hour is increased by using parallel working inspection systems in one testing facility.

  Inspection of Glass Tubes
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 System features:

  • PC-based system with customer specific software
  • 30 product tests per minute
  • Parallel installation of inspection systems for 60, 90 or more products per second
  • Good / Bad sorting
  • Glass defects
  • Surface defects
  • Edge defects
  • Profibus PLC interface
  • Shipped as pure vision system or as complete sorting and packaging facility
  • Individual adaptation to existing production lines




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